About Joliejoelene Black


My vision is to illuminate a deeper sense of meaning/purpose, like many seekers: I am my art.

 My mission is to meet with those who will inspire new creative and soul touching encounters. Continuing creating wider openness in my works, to express the moments and seek the unfathomed allowance of what that means to me.

 I enjoy the intensity of working hard, my head and my heart have become friends again.

I find the joy in my frustration; like a tango dance, I feel alive with it’s intense emotion with relief and comfort in the movement.

Art is sensual & intimate to my soul’s core; it’s who I recognize to be me.

Art has no boundaries defined without definition.

Hungry to reveal my secrets: I’m simmering like a sweet baby shallots, sizzling and sweating in the new sautee pan I just bought myself ,that I couldn’t do without. 

Follow me on Facebook for more of the tasting menu muses, and feel free to message me with any comments or questions regarding food, art, and life!

LOVE, joliejoelene

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